A.B.M.-Risk-Inform Ltd. is an authorized representative of Dun & Bradstreet Company (D&B), the undisputed worldwide leader in the business credit information market. Since 1841 D&B provide excellent information about companies and entrepreneurs around the world. Actually, our company operates as an operating office in Ukraine and an authorized business correspondent for D&B. We collect and analyse information about Ukrainian business, including maintaining Ukrainian companies file for D&B Global database and providing/verifying DUNS numbers for Ukrainian entities

Dun & Bradstreet was established in 1841 and now is the absolute world leader in gathering and processing information on businesses. With the access to D&B global database, specialists all over the world may have standardized information on almost any company, no matter where it is registered. Experts in risk assessment, marketing, finance have relied on
Dun & Bradstreet data while making major business decisions for
many years.

Such international organizations as the United Nations and the European Commission declared Dun & Bradstreet their official provider of information. In the USA the assignment of the DUNS number, unique business identifier developed by D&B and recognized by ISO, is required for registering a company. In many countries Dun & Bradstreet’ reports are officially used to monitor a current state of different economic factors and assess an aftermath of crises and natural disasters.